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In Routt County, Colorado, the source of all arrest warrants is the magistrate’s office; any court with criminal jurisdiction, including county, circuit, and city tribunals, has the authority to issue active warrants. However, a legal criterion has to be followed for the release of such judicial orders.

For one, an active warrant from Routt County, Colorado, can only be issued once the police submit a petition in court that is treated as a formal complaint in the matter. This writ has to inform the court of the findings of the investigation conducted in the case. The details in the petition have to be enough for the judge to establish probable cause.

A freshly issued arrest order is known as an active warrant, while a detention decree held back in the system because it could not be executed for one or the other reason is called an outstanding warrant. The police system may have outstanding orders that are several years old, but this does not mean that they cannot arrest the individuals in whose name they stand.

Apart from the sheriff’s office that has all information about Routt County, CO arrest records, and orders, it is also possible to initiate a warrant search through the judiciary. Two judicial departments entertain such inquiries: the magistrate’s office and the department of the county clerk. To find this information, go to:

  • 2025 Shield Dr, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80487 for the office of the sheriff
  • 1955 Shield Dr, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 for the magistrate’s court
  • 522 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477 for the county clerk’s office

While the former issues arrest warrants, the latter is the keeper of the court dockets. So, you can not only get information on arrest orders and bench warrants from this agency but also on all other legal instruments used in any civil or criminal matter that entered the judicial network of the county.

How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Routt County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • For details about arrests and inmates, contact the Routt County Jail at 970-870-5507.
  • For an arrest report and incident/accident records, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 970-870-5503.
  • For seeking victim’s assistance, call the District Attorney’s Office at 970-870-5200.
  • For judicial records inquiries, call the Clerk of Court at 970-879-5020.

Crime statistics of Routt County

The Routt Sheriff’s Department recorded 18 criminal complaints in 2019 from 43 in 2018. There were 16 property offenses and 2 offenses against people.

Around 9 larceny thefts, 3 burglaries, and 4 motor vehicle thefts were recorded as property crimes while 2 assaults were recorded as crimes against person.

Of the 550 criminal complaints filed each year in Routt County, Colorado, nearly 8% are against violent crimes. Through the eight years from 2001 to 2008, there has been an increase of almost 40% in the averages of reported and violent crimes.

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