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Like most other counties in the state, there is no provision for an internet-based warrant search in Otero County, Colorado. Neither the police nor the judiciary offers details on arrest records or active warrant release online. However, you can find ample other state held data online, such as tax records, issue of marriage licenses and death certificates, birth records, etc.

So, if you want details on Otero County, Colorado arrest warrants, you will have no other option but to drive down to the office of a government agency and put in a formal application for the inquiry. This can be done at the following state departments:

The sheriff’s office can offer details on arrest records, outstanding warrants, and associated data like the criminals on the most wanted list, among others. To contact this agency, go to 222 E 2nd Street, La Junta, Colorado 81050-1606.

The court of the magistrate issues arrest orders, search warrants, summons, bench warrants, and other judicial provisions. To get records about these from a representative of the judiciary, head to 13 W 3rd St, La Junta, CO 8105.

The office of the county clerk prepares a record of trial proceedings and maintains a repository of these court dockets. You can browse through this database by writing to the office of the clerk of court at PO Box 511, La Junta, Colorado 81050.

If you need this information for safety purposes, approaching the county clerk’s department will be your best bet. You can walk into the courthouse and use their public service terminals to find court dockets of cases that involve your subject.

On the other hand, if a background report is needed for official reasons, you will have to pay a nominal fee. All three agencies levy a charge on warrant searches in Otero County, Colorado.

While the local police did manage to bring down the rate of violent crime by almost 15%, they have been unable to control the 24% surge in reported crime rate. On an annual basis, at least 500 criminal reports are filed in Otero County, CO; 10% are violent in nature.

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