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So, you are looking for information on Huerfano County, Colorado arrest warrants? Have you tried the office of the sheriff? Cops do more than just serve active warrants although they are in charge of executing all detention orders including bench warrants and even criminal summons which do not call for the person in question to be arrested.

The sheriff’s office also places the request for a lot of the judicial instruments issued in the area. For instance, an active warrant in Huerfano County will not be issued unless the police submit an affidavit in court describing the criminal incident and the evidence collected. This petition often forms the foundation on which the pre-warrant hearing is held.

This writ is used to ensure that there is probable cause to order the arrest of a person. All arrest warrants issued in Huerfano County bear the name of the state and the county along with the signature of the issuing magistrate. The document will also have details on the crime committed and the individual to be arrested.

When you conduct a warrant search in Huerfano County, you will be given details on all outstanding warrants against the subject along with past arrest records, charges filed in various matters and information on how the matter was disposed.To access such a background report, you will have to contact the following agencies:

  • The sheriff: 500 S Albert St, Walsenburg, Colorado 81089
  • The magistrate: 401 Main St, Walsenburg, CO 81089
  • The clerk of court: 401 Main Street, Wallsenburg, Colorado 81089

Almost 130 criminal reports make their way to the office of the sheriff of Huerfano County, CO per year. In terms of violent crime, the area scores higher than normal as more than 10% of the annual crime average is attributed to this crime class. Overall, there has been a 4 figure drop in the crime averages of the county.

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