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It is options galore for anybody interested in an arrest warrant search for Lincoln County, CO. You could try the police station of your area or get in touch with the sheriff’s department. The courthouse in the locality can also shed light on the sanctioning of active warrants and the arrest records that go with these directives.

It is also possible to find details on Lincoln County outstanding warrants from the state criminal history information center. Of course, since the local criminal justice agency’s database will be linked to the central repository, you could pretty much get the same information by driving down to the law enforcement agency in the county.

In terms of the judiciary, you can connect with the magistrate’s offices and the county clerk for investigations about arrests and Lincoln County active warrants. The magistrate court or even the circuit tribunals will have information on criminal matters, including arrest warrants, because they handle these hearings.

The county clerk’s office possesses crime history details because they maintain the court dockets. These case records are not only kept for criminal matters but also civil suits. So, while you can find out about Lincoln arrest records and outstanding warrants from the police, the clerk’s office can go one step further and even provide details on the civil litigations against the person being investigated. These offices are located at:

  • The Police: PO Box 10, 103 3rd Ave, Hugo, Colorado 80821
  • The court and the county clerk: 103 3rd Ave, Hugo, CO 80821

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Lincoln County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Details on arrests can be obtained by calling the Lincoln County Jail- 719-743-2846
  • Information on Lincoln County outstanding warrants can be availed from the Sheriff’s Department-719-743-2426.
  • Details about initiating a case search can be obtained from the Office of the Clerk of Court- 719-743-2455.
  • Information on victim-witness assistance can be requested from the DA’s Office- 720-874-8500.

Crime Statistics of Lincoln County

Between 2016 and 2017, the crime rate of Lincoln County stayed constant at the 24-case mark. Of these, the majority, at 22 cases, were complaints against property crimes. Violent crime led to the filing of 2 cases in 2017 as opposed to the single case reported in 2016.

In the property crimes category, larceny theft resulted in 12 complaints while cases of burglary and motor vehicle theft led to the filing of 7 and 3 complaints, respectively.

Despite its astonishingly low crime rate of just 15 cases per annum, Lincoln County does not seem better than the other parts of Colorado, given the rise of almost 80% in violent crime rates. To start with, the number of cases that could be attributed to this crime category stood at 20% of the annual average.

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