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An arrest warrant search in Crowley County, CO, is possible through the police, the county clerk’s office, and the magistrate’s bench, as all of these agencies work on issuing active warrants in some way. This also means that these criminal justice entities are the keepers of the arrest records for the area.

The sheriff’s department is responsible for controlling the law and order situation within their jurisdiction and making arrests where needed. All outstanding warrants from Crowley County are handed over to them for execution. In fact, cops place the request for these orders.

The judiciary has to be petitioned for all Crowley County arrest warrants; the affidavit submitted with the court contains details on the crime, the alleged perpetrator of this criminal act, and the evidence which shows that he was involved in commissioning the crime. The magistrate uses this information to ensure that the police are justified in asking for an arrest warrant.

This process entails ascertaining that the proof against the suspect is substantial enough to convince any person of reasonable mind of this individual’s culpability. Active warrants from Crowley County can be used by all law enforcement agents linked to the local sheriff’s office and those from outside this area.

Arrests can be made within the issuing county when the crime in question is a petty misdemeanor, while the arrest warrant will have statewide validity in case of felonies. In fact, many outstanding warrants from Crowley County issued in connection with serious felonies like murder are served outside CO.

To seek information on arrest records and active warrants, you have three options, as stated above. To connect with these criminal justice agencies, visit them in person at 110 E 6th St, Ordway, CO 81063, or you could write to them. At this point, you cannot request crime history data over the phone or through fax.

Crowley County, Colorado, has the lowest crime rate in Colorado, with just about 5 incidents reported per annum. Furthermore, there was a decrease of nearly 20% in both violent and reported criminal activity rates.

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