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Before an arrest warrant may be issued, a judge must first find probable cause to issue an active warrant. Probable cause is not a ruling of guilt but just the reasonable belief that the suspect in question committed the crime. The judge bases his finding of probable cause on the facts presented to the court by a law enforcement agent or an individual. After the judge signs the arrest warrant, it is given to law enforcement agents for execution.

To search for arrest warrants in Eagle County, you should first begin searching for open court cases. The Eagle County Docket Search provides online access to cases filed in either the District and County courts for Eagle County. If you find an open criminal case in Eagle County, you can visit the Clerk’s Office located at 885 Chambers Avenue in Eagle, CO 81631 to get more information or to request copies of court records. Most criminal cases begin with an arrest warrant; therefore, searching for open criminal cases is an important step in any warrant search.

To continue your warrant search, you should visit the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department to determine if any outstanding warrants have not been served. The Sheriff’s Department is located at 885 E. Chambers Avenue in Eagle, CO 81631. Since the Sheriff’s Department executes the arrest warrants for Eagle County, it is the best resource for finding outstanding warrants. You can also request copies of arrest records from the Sheriff’s Department.

The Sheriff’s Department used to have a list the 100 Most Wanted individuals online, but the list has been removed so you can no longer check this information during your warrant search.


Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Eagle County over the phone? (2021-data)

  • Connect with the Eagle County Jail at 970-328-8564 to learn about arrests and bonding related information.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 970-479-2201 to speak with a detective assigned to your case.
  • Call the Police Records Division at 970-328-8500 to get information on local arrest warrants.
  • Call the Eagle County Attorney’s Office at 970-328-6947 to speak with Victim/Witness Services.
  • Call the Clerk of Court at 970-328-6373 to learn about accessing court dockets and judicial records.


Eagle County, CO crime data

In 2019, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office handled over 800 criminal complaints. Of these, 664 of the reports were for property offences, while 136 were for violent crimes. Larceny-theft had the greatest occurrence rate among property crimes, with nearly 415 instances filed. As far as violent crimes were concerned, assaults brought in the highest number of complaints, at 100 cases.

From 1999 through 2008, crime rates in Eagle County increased by less than 20%; however, violent crimes rose by almost 80%. Of the almost 9,900 crimes committed during this period, roughly 5% were violent, including two murders. Even though the rate of violent crimes increased at an alarming rate, most crimes committed in Eagle County were theft-related.

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