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Have you ever wondered if your neighbor, friend or family member has an outstanding warrant for their arrest?In Elbert County, you can perform a warrant search to find out if an arrest warrant is pending against yourself or another person.Arrest warrants are very serious and require immediate attention.If an attorney is contacted before the arrest warrant is served, he may be able to facilitate the surrender of the suspect and arrange for a bond or bail.To find out if an arrest warrant has been issued in Elbert County, you can search the court records to for open criminal cases.You can also contact the Sheriff’s Office to check for outstanding warrants.

Begin your warrant search with the Court Clerk’s Office for Elbert County.The office is located at 751 Ute Street in Kiowa, CO 80117 (telephone: 303-621-2131).You must submit a Research Request Form and pay a fee for staff to search court records on your behalf.However, you should contact the office directly to inquire about provisions for the public to search court cases without a fee.If you do find an active warrant, you should contact an attorney immediately as the Clerk’s staff is forbidden to offer legal advice about active warrants or criminal court cases.

To search for outstanding warrants, obtain copies of arrest records or to request criminal background histories, you must contact the Records Division of the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.The instructions for requesting research and copies are located on the Sheriff’s website. A current jail roster is mentioned but not linked on the recently updated County Jail page.  One may become available and we suggest visiting https://www.elbertcounty-co.gov/sheriff/detentions.php for additional information.

Elbert County, CO crime data

Elbert County had a little over 800 crimes reported between 2001 and 2008.However, during that time, the rate of crime grew by more than fifty percent and violent crimes increased more than eighty percent.The majority of crimes reported in Elbert County were related to theft or burglary with only one murder being reported during this period.

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