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The most logical course of action to find details on active warrants from Park County, Colorado, would be to visit the issuing judicial agency’s office. In this case, a tribunal at the circuit, county, district, or city level has the authority to rule in criminal matters issues all arrest warrants.

So, for a warrant search in Park County, Colorado, start with the magistrate’s office, which is located at 300 4th St, Fairplay, CO 80440. Although the tribunal has the authority to issue active warrants in all criminal cases, the police are legally required to submit a formal complaint with the magistrate’s office. This petition has to be deliberated upon so that probable cause can be established, and only then can a warrant be released.

You can also request the sheriff’s office to browse through state held databases in search of any outstanding warrants against your subject. Once again, for this, you will have to take a trip down to the office of the law enforcement agency and connect with the records or the support services division.

Because the police execute several types of judicial instruments, including arrest decrees and bench warrants, you can find a wealth of information from this agency. To connect with the police department, drive down to 1180 Park County Rd 16, Fairplay, Colorado 80440.

Finally, information on arrest records from Park County, Colorado, and warrant issues in the area can also be found with the office of the county clerk. Although this agency neither issues such arrest orders nor does it help in their execution, the clerk of court’s deputies keep records of all trials in the form of court dockets. To contact this judicial department, you will have to write to PO Box 220, Fairplay, Colorado 8044.

From 2004 to 2008, just a bit over 100 crimes were reported in Park County, CO every year. Although there has been an increase of almost 15% in the reported crime rate, this was offset by the 50% decrease in the number of violent occurrences.

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