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Grand County, Colorado active warrants are issued by the local court with criminal jurisdiction hence it would be appropriate to call these orders court directives. However, to assume that the tribunal can issue these without any part played in the process by the police would be incorrect.

The sheriff’s office gathers all evidence in a criminal case and presents this for judicial review in the form of a warrant petition. This affidavit is closely studied to find probable cause against the suspect before the judge issues an arrest warrant in Grand County. If the information submitted in writing is found to be insufficient to establish clear reasons to hold the accused culpable, witnesses are called in.

So, the issue of an active warrant from Grand County involves the police as well as the court of the magistrate. Another judicial agency that also plays a role in the procedure is the office of the clerk of court. A deputy from this department is at the trial to record the court dockets which include information all arrest warrants and other legal instruments issued during the court proceedings..

For a warrant search you can visit any of these agencies; their addresses have been listed below. When you start such an inquiry, you will be given details on any outstanding warrants from Grand County against your subject as well as prior arrest records, charges and verdict of past cases and more.

  • The police: PO Box 48,Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado 80451
  • The judiciary: 308 Byers Ave, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451
  • The clerk of court: 308 Byers Avenue, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado 80451

Approximately 330 crime reports are filed with the sheriff’s office of Grand County, CO every year. Since 2003, only about 130 violent crime reports were lodged in the area right up to the year 2008. While the resultant annual crime figure is not too alarming the fact that there was a spurt of almost 100% in this crime category is concerning enough.

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