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Searching for arrest warrants in Morgan County will require some legwork; however, the records are considered public information. The first place to begin searching for an arrest warrant is the court system. The judges in Morgan County issue arrest warrants after receiving sworn testimony or affidavits supporting probable cause. Once the judge signs the arrest warrant, it becomes an active warrant for law enforcement to serve. You will need to look for criminal cases with the County Court and the District Court. Both are located at 400 Warner Street in Fort Morgan, CO 80701. The Clerk of Court (telephone: 970-542-3435) is responsible for maintaining the court records, including information about arrest warrants issued by the judges.

When requesting to search for criminal cases through the Clerk’s Office, remember that the employees cannot offer legal advice about a specific case. However, they are permitted to show you where to look for the court records and assist you with making copies of the court documents.

The second stop on your warrant search will be the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Office is charged with serving and executing outstanding warrants issued by the county judges. Therefore, this is where you will find a list of outstanding warrants and obtain copies of arrest records. The office is located at 801 E. Beaver Avenue in Fort Morgan, CO 80701 (telephone: 970-542-3445). You can also request a criminal history background report through the Sheriff’s Office as part of your search for a warrant search. Be warned; if you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you may be arrested immediately if you appear in person to search for records at the Sheriff’s Office.

Morgan County, CO crime data

Even though violent crime rates rose by almost forty percent in Morgan County from 1999 through 2008, the overall crime rate increased by three percent. During this period, there were roughly 6,000 total crimes reported in Morgan County, with approximately 280 being violent in nature.

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