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In Logan County, Colorado, search orders and arrest warrants are issued only after the police file a formal complaint requesting the release of such judicial provisions. This petition, which usually comes from the sheriff’s department or the district attorney’s office, should give the court enough reason to believe that a crime did indeed occur and that the alleged offender had a hand in it.

Once this writ reaches the tribunal, the veracity of everything mentioned in it is ascertained by the sitting magistrate. Apart from this, the judge also has to ensure that there is enough proof available to bring the power of the state into the equation. After due diligence is exercised in deliberating on the matter, the Logan County, Colorado active warrant is finally released.

The police will usually serve it within a few hours or the most a few days of its release. However, such orders that cannot be executed do not go out of effect. They merely get stored in the national and state crime system as outstanding warrants.

Arrest records and information about warrants are kept by the police, the magistrate’s office, and the county clerk’s department, which is the record bearing wing of the judiciary. This agency keeps the court dockets, so they have information on criminal and civil cases. You can contact any one of these agencies for a warrant search in Logan County, CO. Their contact details are:

  • The police: 110 Riverview Rd, Rm 116, Sterling, Colorado 80751
  • The magistrate: 315 Main Street, Suite 3, Sterling, Colorado 80751
  • The clerk of court: As given above

The rate of violent crime for Logan County, CO, stands at 6% of the annual criminal average. However, given that over 500 criminal complaints are lodged each year, this comes to just over 30 violent criminal incidents per annum. This, along with the 30% increase in the violent crime rate, is undoubtedly a cause for concern.

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