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A background and arrest record search is imperative when forging personal or professional ties with an individual in an urban area like Denver. However, before starting a warrant search, it would certainly be prudent to equip yourself with some information about how these arrest records work.

A freshly issued order for arrest from a criminal court in Denver County, Colorado, is known as an active warrant issued in the name of a single individual who is to be taken into custody and presented before the judiciary.

An active warrant that cannot be served for any reason is kept back in the system as an outstanding warrant. So, in essence, an order for arrest never expires. The Sheriff’s Department does not have to procure a new warrant for detention after a while. This means that an individual will be taken into custody even based on a warrant issued several years ago.

To gather information on arrest records in the County of Denver, contact the Sheriff’s Office. Their contact information is as follows:

  • Address: 1437 Bannock St, Room 508, Denver, Colorado 80202

You can speak to the records clerk, and visit the office in person during business hours. Do not forget to take a proof of identification along with the first and last name of the individual about whom you seek the information.

Can you access the Denver County-City warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • When you want information on warrants or access to arrest records, call the Denver Police Department at 720-913-6010.
  • For general information or arrest records from the Sheriff’s Office, call 720-913-3600.
  • When you want to know about recent arrests, call the Downtown Detention Center at 720-337-0400 or the Denver County Jail at 720-913-3642.
  • When you need to get in touch with Victim/Witness Services, call 720-913-6035 or connect with the Victim Compensation Program Administrator of the DA’s Office at 720-913-9253.
  • When you want to know about accessing criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Circuit Court-720-865-8301.

Crime Statistics of Denver County-City

The Denver County-City area has one of the highest crime rates in the state, with an annual incident average of nearly 33,000 cases. Of the complaints filed in 2019, over 27,000 are against property crimes while approximately 5500 were against violent crimes. The criminal complaints received included over:

  • 3400 assaults.
  • 700 rapes.
  • 1200 robberies.
  • 60 murders.
  • 18,000 thefts.
  • 3900 burglaries.
  • 5200 motor vehicle thefts.
  • 50 arson cases.

With its multitude of urban pockets, Denver is a high crime county with an annual rate of almost 30,000 incidents. Over the ten year period ending in 2008, an estimated 3030,000 criminal incidents were reported. Of these, theft-related incidents took particular prominence with nearly 200,000 occurrences, while felonies like rape and homicide were ranked lower with approximately 3000 and 550 incidents.

The deterioration in the crime rate in Denver County has not been too alarming at just below 15% for violent crimes. However, if this steady growth is not nipped, there is a very good possibility that the number of criminal incidents per year may swell shortly. On average, over four crimes occur in the county every hour, and in most of these reported cases, the victim is rarely more than a mile away from his home or office.

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