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There can be several reasons for you to seek information on arrest records in Douglas County. For instance, you may want to find out if there is an active arrest warrant issued in your name in the area or perhaps, you want to play it safe and check out prospective employees and friends, etc.

Whatever your inclination to go in for a warrant search, contacting the Sherriff’s Department of Douglas County Colorado is the most sensible thing to do. However, before you saunter into the precinct office, it would certainly help to know your rights and that of any individual against whom you seek this information.

An arrest warrant is nothing but a judicial order for the legal detention of an individual suspected of having committed a certain crime. While not obligatory in every case, in most criminal incidents where an arrest is not made on the spot, an arrest warrant will be sought from the local criminal court.

The judiciary is very particular about following the statute of limitations when issuing an active arrest warrant. Any laxness in carefully studying the crime-related information can make it difficult for the DA’s office to file a case against the person in question in the future.

So, the police are expected to bring in a written affidavit detailing all crime-related information. If this is found to be sufficient, an arrest order is issued on the spot. However, the judge has the liberty to ask to speak with witnesses before the document is signed.

If an active warrant is not immediately used to make an arrest, it is held back in the criminal system as an outstanding arrest warrant. So, in essence, you can be taken into custody even for a crime committed several years ago as the arrest order never expires.

To gather relevant information on outstanding and active warrants in Douglas County, you can contact the local Sherriff’s office located at 4000 Justice Way, Castle Rock, Colorado 80109, or speak to a representative of the law enforcement agency on 303-660-7505.

Because the crime rate in Douglas County has shown a worrisome rise of almost 100%, it is crucial to conduct a warrant search when taking on a new employee or even forging personal ties.

An estimated 2900 criminal incident reports are filed in the area each year, which brings the decade long figure up to almost 30,000. Fortunately, the rate of violent crime is estimated at just about 5% of that figure. Yet, almost 12 criminal incident reports are filed in Douglas each day.

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