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Should you go to the police for an arrest inquiry or a warrant search in Colorado Springs?

Few law enforcement and judicial agencies work like the Colorado Springs PD when it comes to providing arrest records and details on warrants. Not only do they make it easy to launch an arrest inquiry and warrant search but also provide a large volume of information online and for free. Continue reading to know more about accessing details on recent arrests in Colorado Springs…

What is the best way to access information on arrests in Colorado Springs?

The mode of inquiry you pick should depend on what information you need. When you say Colorado Springs arrests, you are probably referring either to details on all those who were taken into custody over a specific period of time or the arrest report of an individual. These are two different sets of information, hence will call for varied search approaches:

  1. For the arrest log: There is no better way to access the booking log for the area than to use the police blotter posted on the website of the local law enforcement office. This is available at

If you thought this is just data about arrests in last 24 hours, think again! What you have on that webpage is the low down on all matters handled by the officers of Colorado Springs PD over the specified period.  From traffic crashes to felony arrests, you will find details on all of these and more.

  1. For an arrest report: You will have to apply online for the arrest history report of a specific person. This can be done at You can also file a request for specific police reports, if need be. There is a minimum cost of $7.50 and you will have to create an account to avail this facility online.

In addition to these, you can also access arrests records through the inmate search tool offered by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at!/search.

How do you initiate a warrants search in Colorado Springs?

  • For information on arrest warrants issued by the Municipal Court of Colorado Springs, you can call on (719) 385-6153 or email your inquiry to [email protected].
  • If you want to launch a warrant check for arrest orders issued by the trial court, you will need to use the case search service of Colorado Courts. This is available at You get two options for the inquiry but you will have to pay for both of these.

Crime Stats for Colorado Springs

Till 2017, the crime rates of Colorado Springs seemed to be improving but the deterioration in the law and order situation of the city became apparent once the figures of 2018 were released. Across the board, there was a rise in almost all crime categories, with the number of rapes and motor vehicles thefts depicting the most significant rise in the violent and property crime categories.

The annual crime rate of the city stands at an estimated 2500 for person/violent crimes and nearly 18,000 for property crimes. As compared to the preceding 4 years, 2018 had the highest number of aggravated assaults at nearly 1700 incidents.