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The El Paso County Clerk of Court’s Office is one of the places that you can go to in a network of sources to find judicial records. Yet, it can be safely suggested that this legal entity can offer more in terms of information and court documents than any other office in the justice system.

One of the first benefits of launching a case search for El Paso County through this agency is that you will be provided details on litigations from the civil courts as well as trials from the criminal courts. As long as the court documents bear the name of the subject, you will be told about the judicial filing that they are linked to.

The Clerk of Court’s department also provides multiple ways to launch an investigation on El Paso County court dockets. For example, one way is to directly go to the office of the agency at 200 S Cascade Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80903. If this approach seems too tedious, you could always write to them. However, if you visit them in person, you will be able to use their public computers to find the judicial records that you are looking for from their repository of court dockets.

Of course, an El Paso County case search can just as easily be conducted online. For information on judicial records, you will have to visit the web portal at http://www.gofourth.org/. Other state records can also be accessed online at http://recordingsearch.car.elpasoco.com/rsui/OPR/Search.aspx.

The local tribunals also entertain requests for court documents from El Paso, CO. For this, you can write to them at PO Box 2980 270 S Tejon Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2980 or call on them by going to the address given above. Civil court dockets can also be found on www.courts.state.co.us.