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Like in the other areas of CO, in Weld County, case searches can be launched online as long as you are looking for civil court documents. If the judicial records pertain to a criminal matter, you will have to show up at the courthouse or the clerk of court’s department in person. When initiating the investigation through a state agency, you will be expected to pay a small fee, whether you use their online facility or visit them personally.

For an online case search, you can use the website at http://www.courts.state.co.us/Courts/Docket.cfm. To visit the Weld County clerk of court’s department, you will need to drive down to 1402 North 17th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado 80631. There are two advantages of getting in touch with the clerk of court’s staff for your inquiry. The first is that you will be able to access court dockets for the whole judicial network of the area.

The second benefit is that you will be able to use public service terminals to look for Weld County judicial records. These computers have been put in a network with the database of court dockets kept by the agency. So, you are in essence getting access to the same information that is available on the computers being used by the department’s deputies.

The difference is that when you choose an assisted search, you will have to shell out a fee for it while the public service terminals can be used for free. For finding Weld County court documents through this judicial entity, you can go to/write to 1402 North 17th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado 80631.

To connect with the 19th District and County Court, you can use their mailing address at PO Box 2038 901 9th Ave, Centennial Bldg (80631) Greeley, CO 80632. The courthouse keeps information on cases that were heard by the county as well as the district tribunals. However, court dockets for only one of the tribunals will be offered unless you specify otherwise.