Jefferson County Case Search

For a Jefferson County case search, you can use the online facilities offered by the Courts Network of Colorado or you can connect with one of the local judicial entities such as the courts or the office of the county clerk. Judicial records will not only include information on criminal trials but also civil litigations.

In fact, you stand to get access to all court documents from cases that involved the subject, as long as this information is not sealed and is not connected to juvenile crime. To launch the inquiry on Jefferson County court dockets online, you will have to use the web portal

Like any other case search tool, you will need the name of the defendant or the plaintiff or any one of the litigants to find the judicial records. It is also possible to use other search factors such as the case number and the name of the lawyer to find information on a specific legal matter.

In terms of the options available to get court documents from Jefferson County, CO, you have the choice between mail and in person inquiries if you approach a local judicial entity. For example, you could get in touch with the 1st District and County Court at 100 Jefferson County Pky Golden, CO 80401-6002. They handle criminal cases of all types, both felonies and misdemeanors. Also, the tribunal has jurisdiction in civil matters, small claims, probate and evictions.

The clerk of court’s office is also located at the same address and they too can be approached for judicial records as well as public information on births, deaths, property, inheritance and marriage. The county clerk’s office is the only legal entity that will allow you to scour through their court dockets repository by using the terminals for public access. They work out of suite 2530 at the judicial complex.