Gun Trainer Reminds Colorado Residents to Use Caution When Handling Firearms

The chief trainer at the Whistling Pines Gun Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado offers basic gun safety tips in hopes of preventing more accidental shootings.

Tony Brunetto warns gun-owners to make sure guns are unloaded before cleaning; the most repeated reason for non-intentional shootings. Brunetto says if people would just read their owner’s manual, many accidental shootings could be prevented. He also reminds people to use extra caution when there are children in the house; and make use of gun locks and locked cabinets especially if you keep a loaded weapon. Guns are not to be underestimated and no one should handle a gun without the proper firearm training.

Brunetto says the running joke in the gun training industry is ‘RTFB’—Read The Flippin’ Book! Every gun-owner should remember the basic rules of gun safety: Treat every gun like it’s loaded, and never point a gun at anything but your target! “There is no reset on a gun.” Brunetto warns, “When you pull the trigger a bullet’s coming out of the barrel and something potentially dangerous could happen so it’s important to be trained properly.”

His advice comes in the wake of two fatal accident shootings that occurred in Southern Colorado. Many gun experts are reminding people to use common sense, get proper training, and RTFB!
The Department of Wildlife is also offering gun safety classes to coincide with hunting season. Brunello’s final piece of advice is especially for hunters, he strongly advises making sure you are aiming at your target before pulling the trigger.