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Applicants can choose to access Douglas County judicial records online or offline. It is possible to approach a state agency or a third party establishment to look for court documents from the area. In both cases, the person who is initiating the case search will have to incur a small cost. The only difference is that when you seek information through a private source, you can find court dockets from tribunals all over the United States.

As opposed to this, whether you launch the case search over the internet or by visiting the local court house or even the clerk of court’s office, the judicial records that you will get access to will be restricted to the local courts. In other words if a civil or criminal action is initiated in any other part of the state, you will not find out about it by launching a case search in Douglas County, CO.

When it comes to local court dockets, these can be accessed through the clerk of court’s office or the administrative department of the Douglas County Combined Court. You can also find court documents through the website of the judiciary. This facility is available for a fee at

However, the information is limited to civil litigations. The only advantage is that the web portal is run by the state judicial office, so you will be able to access court dockets from Douglas County and the other parts of Colorado. If you want to visit the administrative division of the courts in your area, you can go to 4000 Justice Way, #2009 Castle Rock, CO 80109.

For case searches pertaining to civil as well as criminal matters, you will only need to provide the name of the subject and the years for investigation. To get your hands on the judicial records held by the clerk of court’s office, you can visit the agency in person at 301 Wilcox, Castlerock, Colorado 80104.