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Denver County court dockets are stored in multiple databases, depending on the type of case they are linked to and the judicial entity that presided in the matter. Let us take the instance of a criminal matter that was heard in the District Court. All felony charges that were filed before 2007 were handled by this tribunal.

So, they will have the judicial records of all cases heard by them. However, you will not find information on the criminal or civil matters handled by the other tribunals. For example, after 2007, the 2nd District Court was given exclusive jurisdiction over civil matters, but the criminal jurisdiction was shifted to the criminal division of the County Court.

Hence, if you get in touch with this tribunal for a case search in Denver County, CO, you will only find information on cases that have been filed from 2007 onward. Similarly, inquiries on court documents pertaining to probate related litigations will have to be taken to the office of the probate judge.

Fortunately, the judicial administration does offer the recourse to look for court dockets from Denver County online. To avail this facility, go to If you want to get in touch with the 2nd District Court, you can call on them at 1437 Bannock, Rm 256, Denver, CO 80202. Apart from pre-2007 criminal cases, you can also get judicial records connected to civil actions where the disputed amount is above $15,000 from this tribunal.

For an online, civil case search for Denver County, use the web portal at On the other hand, to get your hands on criminal court documents, you will need to go to the County Court at 520 W Colfax, Rm 160 Denver, CO 80202. The Denver County Clerk of Court’s Office can also handle inquiries that pertain to judicial records. They work out of 201 W Colfax Ave, Dept 101 Denver, CO 80202.