Colorado fails to contain marijuana legalization problems!

Along with Washington, Colorado is another state that is struggling to deal with issues that are an inherent part of marijuana legalization. When seeking permission from the Justice Department to legalize weed, these states had assured the federal judiciary that they would contain the movement of marijuana within their geographical boundaries, a task that now seems uphill.

Colorado seems to have a truly long drawn out battle on its hands since it has long held the notoriety of being the largest pot supplier in the country. In 2013, Colorado grown weed had found its way into 40 states. The problem stems from the fact that local governance is doing a sorry job of implementing legalization which in turn has made the borders of the state porous enough to allow marijuana exports into other states.
What is even more alarming is that there has been a significant spike in the number of pot poisoning incidents that have involved children as young as 12 years. There was a startling 56% increase in the number of poisoning cases linked to marijuana exposure. Kids who were involved in the incidents were taken ill after being exposed to products such as marijuana laced gummy bears and chocolates, which were obviously made to appeal to underage clients.

Although only the medical use of pot has been legalized, it is clear that neither the state government nor the local police can curb the rampant misuse of the drug under the guise of legality.