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The Boulder County clerk of court’s department is one of the agencies that you can visit to find judicial records for the cases argued locally. This office handles the administrative tasks for the judiciary. So, they are not only in charge of recording court dockets for the criminal courts but for all tribunals in the area. With the exception of city courts which only handle matters pertaining to the most trivial or municipal and traffic violations, it is possible to find court dockets for all other tribunals.

To get a case search for Boulder County, CO done, you can approach a local tribunal, provided you know where the matter was heard. Typically, the criminal cases that are linked to misdemeanors and civil actions up to a certain disputed amount are handled by the tribunal of limited jurisdiction such as the court of the magistrate or the justice court. In contrast, the county circuit or district court is a tribunal of general jurisdiction which has the powers to preside in all criminal cases, including felonies as well as civil suits.

If you are approaching a tribunal for your Boulder County case search, it would also help if you have the number of the case and court dockets. This way, court administration will be able to pull up all judicial records that pertain to the matter in question. On the other hand, if you are interested in a broad brush inquiry that would get you details on all cases in the name of the subject, you should try the clerk of court’s office.

They keep court documents for all cases from all tribunals. Plus, they will let you access their court dockets database for free. For judicial records that are linked to civil litigations, you can also use the online tool at In order to the connect with the district and the county courts of the 20th Judicial District, go to 6th & Canyon, 1777 6th St Boulder, CO 80306 and for the clerk of court’s department, head down to 1750 33rd St, #201 Boulder, CO 80301-2549.