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To learn about Adams County court documents, you can either go to a nearby tribunal or approach the clerk of court’s department. Although all courts in the area as well as the county clerk keeps court dockets, the types of cases handled can differ from one judicial entity to another.

For instance, when dealing with the Adams County clerk of court’s department, you will find that they keep judicial records indiscriminately, compiling information on criminal, civil, family, juvenile and corporate cases. In contrast, a court will only keep the judicial records of the cases that were tried in front of its bench.

So, if you are interested a case search for Adams County because you are seeking details on a specific litigation and know about the court that presided in the matter, you can take your inquiry directly to the tribunal in question. On the other hand, if you are working with limited information or want an extensive search, it would be best to go with the office of the county clerk.

Adams County court documents can also be procured online. This facility is available on However, only civil judicial records can be accessed through this medium. The service is offered free of charge and you can get information on cases fought all across Colorado.

If you do not mind taking a drive down to one of the courts or the county clerk’s department, given below re their contact details:

  • The 17th District Court: 1100 Judicial Center Dr Brighton, CO 80601
  • County Court: As above
  • Clerk of Court: 450 S 4th Ave Admin Bldg Brighton, CO 80601

Although judicial records for Adams County, CO are jointly maintained for the county and the district courts, they are searched separately. If you need combined results, you will need to ask them to include court dockets from both tribunals in the inquiry.