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In Colorado, The State Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is in charge of assimilating crime related information from all law enforcement agencies across the geographical bounds of Colorado, recording these details in a central repository, maintaining the database and granting access to the records held in it to applicants from the legal fraternity, non-justice agencies as well as the general public.

The repository known as the Computerized Criminal History Database (CCH) holds information on every arrest in which finger prints were taken. In other words, if a person was detained but his finger prints were not taken by the police such matters will not be recorded in the CCH. These fingerprint scans and offender information that goes with them are collected from various law enforcement agencies in the state.

The CBI also has the task of keeping the CCH updated by making any changes required in response to court ordered expungements. An alliance was forged between KT International and the CBI to ensure that law enforcement personnel as well as members of the community get the technical tools needed to search through the CCH database.

The information recorded in the CCH and how to obtain search results

The Computerized Crime History Database has information on all arrest that occurred in the state which were supported by finger printing, warrant issues, indictments, charges filed against offenders, sentencing, incarceration details and release dates, etc.

To access these details, an applicant need to initiate a name based search. The information that has to be furnished at this point includes the name of the subject along with his date of birth and a social security number if available. The addition of any personal identifiers like the race and gender of the subject can help to bring back more accurate results.

Because Colorado is an open records state, this information is offered online. A small fee is charged for the inquiry but the applicant can get the results of his search within a matter of minutes. It is imperative to understand that although applicants are granted free access to the data held in the repository, this is limited to the state of Colorado. In other words, you will not be able to procure arrest details and records from outside the state. Also, information on warrants, juvenile cases and sealed records are not offered to the public.

Charges and procedure to access crime history information

If you are interested in a regular warrant search, accessing the CCH will be of little use as the results of a crime history search will only bring back information on cases that resulted in a conviction. Details on pending cases are not offered through this source. In contrast, you could easily avail the services of an internet based information vendor. Take a look at the form on top of this page. You have to enter the most basic information in it to access a third party owned database of crime records including arrest warrant release related information from across the country.

To access the CCH, you will need to visit the official website of the CBI at You can access the required information with an account subscription or even as an individual applicant. The former is better if you need to conduct multiple searches. The CBI will charge you on a per search basis and you will have to pay $6.85 per result. Mailed in inquiries are charged higher at $13.

If you need send your inquiries in through mail, you can do so at 690 Kipling St #3000, Lakewood, CO 80215. It usually takes no less than 3 days to complete such a request and then they are mailed to the applicant.